Structured Cabling and Network Design

Structured cabling is building telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements called subsystems. This is the backbone of any business's IT networking structure that properly interconnects any devices such as computers, printers, telephones, faxes, wireless access points, switches, routers, and even some security cameras!

Guiding Star Tech specializes in structured network cabling, and follows all network cabling standards dictated by the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) and installation standards dictated by the NEC (National Electric Code) to ensure all of our installations are up to standards and code. We assess the building's infrastructure to ensure the proper cabling is used during design and installation, as well as longevity for many years to come.

Working with existing network structures or creating our own is no problem for us. With an abundance of experience in network structure design, our team will ensure that your business's telecommunications cabling system is up to standards and properly designed and installed for both ease of use and compatibility with all your devices.

Video Surveillance

We also specialize in Video Surveillance or CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) installations. With all of a business's ongoing activity, it is essential to ensure that protection of one's company assets, monitoring employees, and protecting one's property occurs. We can enhance your location's security and convenience with professional video surveillance systems, to ensure that you are protected no matter what the situation.

We offer many different Video Surveillance solutions to serve your needs and can both design and install your security systems accordingly to your wants and needs. Security Cameras can help protect against vandalism and theft, as well as ensure employees are working efficiently and keep track of general employee and customer traffic, giving you more insight into your location and customer base.

Video Surveillance can in many cases not only be recorded for future viewing, but also viewed live via the internet on a tablet or smartphone device, giving you the peace of mind to go where you like without having to worry about your business. Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your location and receive a quote on design and installation.

Access Control Systems

In the fields of physical security and information security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. In many cases, one may want to restrict access to a building or particular room, and while an old fashioned lock and key may seem simple, keys can get lost, passcodes can be given out, however more modern access control systems using key cards, keyfobs or finger print access is far more appealing.

Not only can modern access control allow you to restrict access to a certain door, but it can also allow you to restrict certain users to specific doors or locations, as well as automatically lock or unlock doors based on the time or date. You can also allow some users to access certain doors based on their level of access permitted, and what date and/or time it may be. Monitoring employees' records is also possible, to know exactly which employees are entering or exiting certain locations at specific times.

Designed to work seamlessly, the access control systems we install deliver sophisticated solutions from the simplest to the most challenging. Also, access control systems allow cost-effective control of access, quick and convenient admisitration of users as well as enhanced safety for employees and customers.

A/V Install and Design

Commercial Audiovisual can sometimes be a very lengthy process to get it right. We at Guiding Star Tech have the knowledge and experience to design and install your audio and video system properly and efficiently. Whether installing simple in-ceiling speakers for background music and paging, or a full-on audio-video setup for a restaurant or night club, we are ready to take on your project!

Many applications may require only small audio video applications, such as monitors to display advertisements, digital signage, menus, or presentations, while some may require large applications such as command and control centers, conference rooms, restaurants, car dealerships, night clubs and entertainment venues. With no job too big or too small, our highly trained staff can design and install your audio and video setup from the ground up so that your business may benefit and prosper from high quality audio and video systems.

At Guiding Star Tech, we understand your requirements and can design and install a custom A/V solution to ensure that your vision becomes reality. With every project being unique in many ways, we have the years of knowledge and expertise to ensure that your A/V experience is optimal. Please contact us with any questions.

Fiber Optic Services

In larger network design, Fiber Optic cable is a must to ensure transmission of large amounts of data. Some applications simply demand fiber, and we are proud to offer a full line of Fiber Optic services. We understand that Fiber Optic cable can be fragile and requires particular care during installation, therefore our technicians have received manufacurer training to ensure that your fiber optic installations are of the utmost highest quality.

Fiber optic cable is typically used for large amounts of data transfer not possible with typical copper cabling such as Cat5/6. It can be used as a backbone for data transfer from building to building, underground installations, and many other applications that require both fast and/or large data transfers over long distances. Fiber's advantages over copper result from the physics of transmitting with photons instead of electrons. Unlike copper wires that radiate signals capable of interfering with other electronic equipment, fiber is totally benign. Utility companies even run power lines with fibers imbedded in the wires for both communications and network management!

Reliable, trouble-free installations is our mission, and we acheieve this by using quality fiber optic products and maintaining industry guidelines and standards. We understand that projects can range from a small number of network points to cabling entire buildings, and have the knowledge and experience to tackle any project.

IT Design and Consulting

Network design can be complicated. That's where Guiding Star Tech comes in. With our years of expertise, we can both design a network from the ground up, or provide objective advice and specialized recommendations to ensure your network is optimal.

Strategic infrastructure design requires extensive technology experience and expertise. Our company's many years of experience will reflect positively upon your IT design. We understand that certain companies, whether large or small, may not have a need or a budget for a full time specialist, which is why we can offer solutions that encompass your short or long term needs.

Please contact us with any questions or to arrange an appointment. Our team looks forward to ensuring your utmost satisfaction with our design and consulting needs.