Introducing The Predator Radar Camera

Guiding Star Tech is proud to carry the Predator Radar, a one-of-a-kind high speed Pan, Tilt and Zoom surveillance camera with a unique set of features designed for applications requiring wide area detection and tracking of moving objects. An integrated radar controlled, auto tracking and following camera with the power to automatically detect and continually track targets, Predator Radar provides the ultimate in surveillance camera performance.

Designed for short to medium range applications where the detection of objects or individuals is of paramount importance, such as within fenced and unfenced site perimeters, and sterile zones at prisons, borders, airports or military applications, Predator Radar can track up to 40 targets simultaneously up to a range of 400m radius. Intelligent Time Share alarm handling also ensures that multi-object alarms can be handled proportionally or by priority.

Using industry leading and World Class radar technology, the stand-alone Predator Radar scans 360 degrees twice every second, to detect and track objects, whilst alarms are overlaid on screen. The unit's advanced radar detection is unaffected by weather conditions, so detection and alarm functionality continues even in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog or snow.

Multiple objects can be tracked using sophisticated and intelligent "Time Share" alarm handling, ensuring that all alarms are evenly or priority handled. Alarms are also overlaid on-screen to notify the operator that a target is being tracked, even when the camera is looking elsewhere.

The unit also incorporates software features such as controlling Predator Intelligent Illumination to give White Light "spotlight" tracking for Human activation or Infra Red for vehicle activation, as well as built in storage options, and is available in many different camera options to provide the best quality surveillance for your application.

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