One Team. One Vision.

Born and raised on a ranch at the base of the Apache Mountains in Texas, Mark Carl joined the Military in 1980. After spending over six years as a member of the U.S. Navy, he came to California to begin his career. Spending over 25 years developing and implementing his skills and talents, he began building his team of employees based on the requisites for survival and mission accomplishment learned from his own clients' experiences that are required to excel in our field of endeavor.

Thus, in 2002, Guiding Star Tech materialized. A licensed C-7 contractor company built from a team of the best Low Voltage Technicians available, we set out to answer the question that all our clients had - "Can you do this?" The answer is always YES. We at Guiding Star Tech are dedicated one simple mission: Solving problems. The delivery of that answer is always based on the simple analysis of cost/benefit, time, availability of resources, and budget. No job too big or too small, we have a Low Voltage solution for you no matter what the project at hand is.

Our goal is to provide the technology and engineering of today with your requirements and budget, while provisioning for the potentialities and needs of tomorrow. Adopting and executing the industry's best practices with our clients' IT and product/service delivery requirements, excelling in the implementation of these needs, and most importantly understanding that our clients' success is the absolute reason for our success. That is our daily mission.